Saturday, July 2, 2011

Porno Critic

Hey guys ! Anyone notice that sum or even alotta porn is pretty male centered, like wtf?.. Whats with that? Here we are, men that love; pussy, tits, asses and nice faces (along with other things) and there they are, focusing on sum dudes schlong for half the movie, and THEN for fks sake, they have the audacity to have some other dude filming the god dam thing and commenting or chatting and fkn narrating with his manly ass voice.. like dude? seriously?

what ever happened to the idea that we were there to look at women, and admire what our creator has supplied to this orb called earth.

If " I " made porn it'd be like this:

  • you'd never see the dudes face, and barley see his body, only as a side effect of focusing on the LADY
  • those "pussy pound shots" fk those, gett'm out, who invented those anyway?
  • it'd be filmed by a female with a sultry voice, in case some narration needs to be done (preferably a hot english or a hot spanish sounding chick)
  • you'd get the impression that the camera lady was a lesbian by how much she'd focus on the "LADY'S" body and highlighting her best assets.
  • The guy would never jack off to finish, if anything she'd do it for him.. cuz its such a turn off, almost insulting to her like she wasn't even good enough to force him to cum, so he had to jack off, like wtf? that insults the lady that i'm fantasizing about and creates adverse effects on me sub-consciously
  • If there is kissing, it'd be "believable" movie style kissing, not all mis-representatively raunchy like how its been sometimes..

If YOU have anymore suggestions on how we can make porn of today less gay, then send'm this way..

May the creator bless you all.